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Before the Interview – A Three-Step Checklist

1. Do Your Homework

As an employer, you expect the candidates to know about your company before they come in for the interview. Hold yourself to the same standards and become familiar with the candidates materials. Review their resume and any other materials they turned in while applying. This will ensure that you don’t waste time...
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Five Candidate Red Flags

It’s important to measure the aptitude of a potential employee fairly and use a check list that can adequately evaluate their aptitude, but there are some red flags that you should be on the lookout for. These red flags are the early warning signs for possible bad employees.

They Show up Late

This one should be fairly...
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Behavioral Based Interviewing

The interview is most often used to make hiring decisions, but too often hiring mistakes are made because supervisors or managers wrongly trust their intuition or ask questions that don’t objectively assess job-related skills and abilities. Behavioral interviewing is one technique that helps companies of all sizes to interview more effectively. So, what is a behavioral...
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