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Services - Developing Managers

Data shows that leaders and new employees have gotten most of the training and development dollars in recent years and yet, middle managers play a critical role in the ultimate ability of a company to achieve its strategic goals. “Middle managers receive fewer resources, manage more people, and are less engaged than all other employee groups,” according to a Bersin & Associates study on middle managers.

Darke & Associates provides the management development assessment tools, training and development programs to help you assess your managers’ strengths and skills, and pinpoint areas where they need additional support. We engage your managers to help them learn more about their management style including their personal strength areas, challenges facing managers and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people they manage — making them more effective as managers. By nurturing and developing strong managers among your staff, your entire team benefits. With our management development assessment services MN organizations can cultivate an ongoing cycle of strong performers and a robust management pipeline.


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