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Products - Everything DISC® Sales

Everything DiSC® Sales teaches salespeople how to connect better with their customers. It’s the most in-depth easily customizable DiSC®-based sales training solution available. Everything DiSC Sales increases sales effectiveness using the power of DiSC.

Salespeople learn to communicate better and improve their sales relationships by:

  • Understanding their DiSC sales style

  • Identifying and understanding their customer’s DiSC buying styles

  • Adapting their DiSC sales style to meet their customer’s needs

Everything DiSC Sales combines online prework and online follow-up reinforcement to create a complete sales training experience. The Everything DiSC Sales Profile is designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit.


In-depth: Research-validated online assessment and sales-specific 23-page report helps salespeople understand:

  • Themselves

  • Their customers

  • Their relationships

Post-Training Reinforcement

Transfer the learning beyond the classroom with Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps. Salespeople can generate a personalized report that compares their sales style with their real-life customers’ buying styles.

Facilitated sessions are available for the Everything DiSC® Sales sessions. Contact us at 612.743.7998 to learn more.

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