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"I have had the pleasure of working with Patty for nearly two years. In the short time that she has partnered with our organization we have lowered our turnover, increased retention and improved our overall recruiting efforts.  What we have enjoyed most about working with Patty, is her desire to drive improvements, not only to our recruiting, but to our bottom line number as well.  She takes the time to understand the uniqueness of our business.  She has asked questions that not only help us understand our strengths and opportunities, but more importantly how we can take the information we have to make a better informed decisions.  We have identified ways to match employee and manager behaviors to get maximum results.  I would strongly recommend Patty to any organization that is looking to ensure they align their new and existing talent appropriately within their organization."
Mandy Thorsteinson,  HR Director at ASMI

Every company is unique, which is why Darke & Associates LLC utilized customized employee selection assessment Minnesota business leaders can trust to meet their specific needs. We can arrange an assessment selection program that is custom-tailored for your organization. Using best in class assessment tools that match people with their strengths, we measure factors that will help predict success in specific jobs. The tools we use to perform out employee onboarding assessment in Minnesota will assist your organization in putting the right person in the right position, allowing them to maximize their potential and use their talent to their fullest capability.

Do you know that companies who implement an effective onboarding program during the first three months of new-hire employment experience 31 percent less turnover than those who don’t? We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and training to assist you with effective employee onboarding.

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