Calling All Millennials …

“The Millennial” is certainly a hot topic these days. The term “Millennials” comes from generational theorists William Strauss and Neil Howe, who have deemed Millennials as the “civic generation” of the present era. For the negative qualities that are noted as characteristic of this generation – Time defined them as lazy and selfish – the positive traits often go unnoticed. Neil Howe explained in a recent article that for all the bad associations we hear, there are very some good ones, too, like:

  • Strong family ties
  • Achievement-oriented
  • Collectively optimistic
  • Avoidant in social and economic risks


Millennials have been entering the work market for some time, but many companies have not figured out the best way to reach or connect with that generation. However, if you take the following actions, you are more likely to make a meaningful – and positive – connection.

  1. Build your brand to attract the high performers. From small businesses to large companies, the digital platform is present and available for everyone to help build their brands, and building that positive employee brand attracts the quality talent. And when the talent is engaged, they will refer other top performing talent. Jobvite's 2014 Social Recruiting Survey revealed that, of the 1,588 recruiters and hiring managers surveyed, 60 percent say the best talent comes from referrals. This is a cost effective way to get great talent!
  2. Make sure they are a fit for your culture. Your company is unique, and so is each person. Make sure you define the job and the culture, and only then can you objectively measure the candidate. Just because a person was performing in a position at XYZ company in sales does not mean he or she will perform equally at your company. We recommend a Job Fit Assessment.   Employees who experience job fit are productive, happy, contributing employees.
  3. Onboard with care. Start onboarding before the employee starts. The first few weeks your Millennial employee is on your team are critical as the onboarding process can incite excitement and passion for the job and inspire him or her to approach the job more like a career. Give your new employee resources to look over before his or her first day and connect them with an existing employee to act as a mentor/guide. Personalizing the process for each new hire is also critical because Millennials have grown up surrounded by the importance of personalization, individualization, and customization, without being isolated.

You can find great talent amongst Millennials, especially if you know how to connect with them. Building your brand starts before the hiring process, so assess your core business values and show potential hires how your values can align with their values.

About the author:

Patricia Darke

Patricia Darke founded Darke & Associates LLC in 2005. Patty has spent more than half of her 25 years of executive business experience working with talent strategy solutions. She works closely with C-level executives and human resource leaders across multiple industries in assessing, designing, and implementing talent strategies to achieve critical business objectives. Authorized Partner: The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™, Profiles International® and Everything DiSC®


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