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About Us

Patty Darke and Associates

Welcome to Darke & Associates LLC, an esteemed and award-winning consulting group that businesses rely on to elevate their talent strategies and unlock their full potential.

Our Strategic Partnerships:

We take pride in our strategic business partnerships with the Wiley group, holding licenses and certifications for key product lines such as PXT Select™, Everything DiSC™, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, and Predictive Index™. Leveraging these partnerships, we collaborate with clients across the employee life cycle, enhancing the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

Customized Targeted Solutions:

At Darke & Associates, we understand that each organization is unique. That's why we offer a customized, targeted solution-based approach to address your specific talent needs. Whether it's optimizing team dynamics, improving leadership effectiveness, or enhancing organizational culture, our solutions are tailored to drive tangible, high-impact results.

Proven Expertise:

As a trusted organizational development consulting firm, we have a track record of helping companies achieve measurable success. We bring proven experience and expertise across various offerings, applying analytics to complex issues such as turnover. We empower organizations to overcome challenges and achieve tangible outcomes that contribute to sustained growth.

Executive Tools and Guidance:

Our solutions extend beyond generic strategies. We provide executives with the tools and guidance they need to navigate the complexities of their business environment, enabling them to perform at their best and drive success.

Join the ranks of organizations that have experienced transformative results with Darke & Associates. Contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions can propel your business toward lasting success.

Established in 2005 by Patricia Darke, RCC™, Darke & Associates has experienced significant growth through direct referrals from CEOs, Presidents, Business Owners, and HR Professionals. When you engage with Darke & Associates, you choose a consulting firm that commands the trust and confidence of seasoned business professionals.

Organized and Efficient

"Our law firm has had a very successful relationship with Darke & Associates for over 10 years. Through the assessment tools Patty Darke has introduced to us, and the support she provides with those tools, we have not only streamlined our interview and hiring process, but are making much more solid hiring decisions as a result. Patty is knowledgeable, a good trainer and absolutely delightful to work with. I recommend Darke and Associates to any company that employs people!"

Sue Pearson

Director of Administration HKM Law Firm

Let’s Start Working Together!

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