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Services - Executive Coaching

An Executive Coach is a qualified professional that works with an individual that is considered a leader or high potential to help them gain self awareness, achieve objectives, clarify goals, reach potential and be a sounding board. They ask great questions to help the executive clarify issues and solve their own problems.

What is Executive Coaching?

The Executive Coach provides a confidential and supportive place for their clients. They ask questions, challenge assumptions and help to provide resources. They may even once in a while provide advice with permission. They often conduct assessments to help the individual gain self awareness and establish goals.

What does it take to become an Executive Coach?

Almost any retired consultant or executive can call themselves an “executive coach” however it is suggested that executive leadership experience and formal certification can be essential for the best outcomes.

What the typical coaching process looks like

Executive coaching usually involves a series of phases starting with intake, assessment, goal setting and development planning with periodic check ins. The typical duration of a coaching engagement is seven to twelve months.

Why Patricia Darke, RCC™?

Patricia Darke, Registered Corporate Coach™ has a background in Executive Leadership, Human Resources, Professional Service and Sales. She brings this combined experience to the coaching engagement helping individuals to stretch themselves to achieve their potential and reach tangible outcomes. You can contact her directly to learn more about executive coaching.

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